Strech and comfort without elastane


On Sunday’s Helsingin Sanomat there was an article about recycling clothes, and especially, the use of elastane in clothing these days. The expert interviewed was the admirable @outilespyy , whose facebook and instagram I would recommend following for lots of info on the subject. Essentially, using elastane in clothing makes it difficult to recycle the clothes and it is also not a very durable fibre, thus shortening the life of the garment.

This is something we have tried to take into consideration also in our collection, the choice of materials and shape of garments. In the photos you can see the pieces in the web shop without elastane. The knitted jersey we use in the tunics, dresses and shirts does not contain elastane, but the material is knitted flexible. Where there is woven fabric, we have also used jersey as a part of the garment, so the shirts are still comfortable and stretchy.

We do also use fabrics with stretch fibres, but they are called XLA or EOL, which have been developed for industrial wash and work wear fabrics, ie. they are more durable and can be washed in higher temperatures than regular fashion elastane.
This doesn’t of course remove the problem of having mixed fibre fabrics. Polyester-mixes have been traditionally used in workwear, as they are more durable in use and in industrial laundries as pure cellulose fibres. Polyester is also used in healthcare and operation theatres as it is a ‘clean fibre’ with less linting (less shedding of textile fibres in to air, open wounds, delicate machinery etc.) This is also why we use polyester-mix fabrics specially developed for work wear use. Hoping and wishing there will be an alternative to the market, we will be very eager to test it.

At the moment we are test using trousers made of tencel-pes -mix and also a jersey made of 100% recycled bottles, which could be re-recycled. The testing period will take some time, but hopefully we can offer also these options in the future.
Please, if you have any questions, let us know, and we will do our best to answer them or to find out for you.