Finnish Puronen was founded by two clothing- and health care professionals. We design and produce bespoke, high quality work wear for health care industry. The third party in our team is a Finnish brand Voglia who has been producing quality women’s wear for decades.

Puronen työvaate

The start

Our first product was a t-shirt for surgeons. We researched the type of materials best for demanding work, where bodies are constantly on the move and temperatures vary through out the day. We also looked into different working positions, ergonomics and the users’ anatomy and physiology. Because health care can be also physically demanding, we paid extra attention to comfort factors, such as flexibility, breathability, and ensured that our clothing was soft on skin. In the end, a garment combining the best technical materials and functional design was born.

From the first t-shirt our collection has grown to include clothing for the whole health care industry. Our know-how is based on personal experience, the most recent studies and utilisation of the latest innovations. The materials used in our clothing are carefully tested and designed especially for work wear. We use ecological fabrics whenever possible.

At the core of our design process is a deep understanding of the demands of every day work in the health care industry, and also the desire to make clothes that make working better and easier. We see ourselves as a link in the chain providing best possible patient care.

About us

Minttu Wikberg, designer

  • Masters degree in Fashion Design
  • Studied and worked as a nurse for several years
  • Strong vision of the functionality of work wear based on personal experience
  • Designed clothing for long-term-care patients and wheelchair users
  • Other work includes illustrations sold to companies both in Finland and abroad, mostly Japan.

“I want to combine my expertise as a designer with the work experience I’ve gained as a nurse by offering solutions that would make care work easier and more pleasant. The core value for Puro Design is being people-orientated and having great respect for the work executed in the health care industry.”

Matti Huhtinen

  • Over 20 years of experience as a textile agent
  • An extensive knowledge of materials best suited for work wear; the good and the bad in different working environments.

“I follow closely the latest textile-innovations and want to give our customers a chance to enjoy them. I strongly feel that health care professionals deserve the best possible work wear in terms of design and fabrics. It’s important to me that the materials are not only comfortable, but also functional and ecological. My future goal is to have Puro Design garments in the circular economy, so that the valuable material could be re-used after the piece of clothing has been worn out.”


  • Over 30 years of experience in Scandinavian women’s wear.
  • A family-owned company based in Lammi, Finland, with focus on quality, well-fitting garments.
  • An extensive network for co-operation in Finland and Baltic countries enables flexibility also in health care work wear production.
  • voglia.fi

“Our goal is to develop and strengthen the high-quality Finnish health care technology in terms of work wear also as an export product. Our highly trained personnel ensures our expertise in product edevelopment and logistics. We use daily 3D-technology in designing and pattern making, and we are also fluent in digital sales processes.”