Hohde Dental Clinic, Kuopio, Finland


Puro Design created work wear for Hohde Dental Clinic, which opened in Kuopio in 2014. The clothes were designed to fit the clinic’s overall-look and interiors as designed by Conbalance Ltd, and according to the requirements and requests of the dental staff.

“We wanted to have work wear that supports our brand and makes our employees more comfortable. We’ve been very happy with the result. The design process was smooth between different professionals. We have received lots of positive feedback also from our clients. I would warmly recommend Puro Design and their high-quality work wear.” -Ville Pesonen, Dental Specialist


Tapio Kallio,  A Leading Expert in Orthopedics

Puro Design has been privileged to work in co-operation with sports medicine doctor Tapio Kallio. Kallio is also known as one of the leading experts in Orthopedics.

“It was interesting to wear Puro Design clothing in the operating theatre. The strenuous work of the surgeon can be compared to a performance of a top athlete, where the gear and clothing can play a major part when looking for the best possible outcome. For the first time in my career I felt that work wear was carefully designed from the user’s point of view. The shapes and materials enabled different working positions and environments. Also the look and colours received positive feedback from my colleagues. I felt that these clothes were a huge step forward as health care work wear goes. Given the choice, I would not hesitate to choose Puro Design work wear.”