This apron has been inspired by my Grandma’s old apron. We think it would look great in any flower shop, cafe, care home or home kitchen. It has pockets on both sides, the straps cross in the back and on the front there is room for your embroidery.

The apron fits best for users of app. 160 -185 cm height, but if you want to modify the length of the straps, they have been attached so that they can be easily ripped and sewn to a new length. The idea behind making this apron pattern was to create as little fabric waste as possible.

The material is 56% polyester, 42% cotton and 2% EOL (which is a strechy fibre developed for industrial wash) and it has been made in Germany. Due to the technical fibre the material has a good color fastness and it stays tidy looking. This material has been awarded an ÖKÖ-TEX and bluesign-certificates.

The product can be washed in 60 degrees Celsius, which kills for example bacteria causing smell. Careful tumble-dry, ironing two dots. The material doesn’t really need ironing. We wash ours and hang to dry on a wide cloth hanger for best results. This material is durable enough to be washed in an industrial laundry, please get in touch for washing instructions for the industrial wash.

Kawa has been designed and sewn in Finland.

You can buy Kawa here.